COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Coronavirus

Hall & Kay Security is continuing to take measures to limit the impact of Coronavirus (Covid-19) to our business. We now have our office fully staffed and have installed perspex screens to provide segregated desk space for the safety of our team.

Should the impact of the Coronavirus on our staff and the business change again, or the Government imposes further restrictions, we are confident that we have already taken steps to maintain our capabilities in delivering services across the U.K. This includes home working for staff, additional contact with client sites ensuring safe access can be given to our staff and minimising staff exposure. Whilst we pride ourselves on our service and response please understand that these measures may, on occasion extend our standard attendance times. 

We can reconfirm all our supply chain partners are able to fulfill orders for equipment, and we have not experienced any issues in relation to material supply. A few of our materials are supplied from China via our partners. They have confirmed that China continues to be able to make and ship materials.

We will of course follow Government guidelines. All our office staff have the ability to work from home from laptops and have access to our servers. Engineer labour however has the potential to be an issue should there be any escalation of restrictions, particularly restriction of movement. This would be our worst-case scenario in terms of delivering service. However, this remains an unknown, as of today we see no issues with completion dates. This will continue to be monitored.

This latest communication has been distributed to all staff and will be updated regularly as Government guidelines change.

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